Our country needs saving.

We need saving.

The people who came to be citizens of South Africa.

We need to be saved from Zuma.

We need to be saved from Zuma’s government.

We need to be saved from our materialism.

And our selfishness.

From our individualism and our personal aspirations.

In a sense, Zuma and his greedy government, are merely representative of the ultimate consequence of our values.

For, if we give ourselves to the accumulation of stuff, and the collecting of benefits and privileges and advantages for me and my family and my business and my interest group, be it race or gender or cause, we choose the path which Zuma snd his government chose.

The path of self.

Self interest.

And as we protest, we should protest against ourselves.

Against our own fearful hearts.

So that we come out on the other side, truly saved.

Free, from selfishness and fear.

Free, to live from love and peace, humbly giving up ourselves, regardless of what we may or may not gain.

I wonder if we are ready to be free?

If we are willing to embrace a life of collectiveness, regardless of everything which happened to this moment?


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